My Appalachian Trail Section Hikes

My first Appalachian Trail hike was in 1972. What started out as a week long adventure had turned into a life long passion. It took me 31 years to complete the A.T. one section at a time. In 2003 I earned my "2000 Miler" status atop Pleasant Pond Mtn in Maine. To quote Ed Garvey, it truly was "An Adventure of a Lifetime".


My first backpacking trip in 1972 was with a group of guys called the Mosquito Hill Gang. We followed the Appalachian Trail for a week with an assortment of gear that ranged from heavy to heavier. That was not an ultralight backpacking trip!

In 1976 I attempted a thru hike of the 2000 mile Appalachian Trail. That hike ended in Waynesboro VA after 700 miles and two months of backpacking.

Years went by and I still wanted to "hike the whole trail". In 1996 I decided to complete the trail one section at a time. What I had each year was a limited amount of time to spend section hiking. I soon began to believe that I would never complete the whole Appalachian Trail.

Beyond Backpacking

In 1999 I "discovered" the book Beyond Backpacking : Ray Jardine's Guide To Lightweight Hiking. In it I discovered his amazing philosophy of ultralight backpacking. Around the same time I finally got "on-line" and discovered both Michael's, and JohnO's, Ultralight Backpacking pages. A light went on! Maybe if I carry less weight, I could hike more miles per day, and that would allow me to complete the Appalachian Trail IN THIS LIFETIME !!!

Section Hikes

What follows is a list of each of my A.T. section-hikes. The list is in chronological‪‬ order starting with my first hike in 1972.

1972   37.5 miles   Maine - Rt 17 to Rt 27
1973   40.1 miles   Maine - Rt 201 to Rt 27
1975   33.3 miles   Maine - Rt 26 to Rt 17
1976   883.9 miles   GA->VA - Springer Mtn GA to Waynesboro VA
1976   23.9 miles   NH->ME - Rt 2 to Rt 26
1980   54.3 miles   Maine - JoMary Rd to Katahdin
1995   24.0 miles   Maine - Moxie Pond to Rt 15
1996   43.3 miles   Maine - JoMary Rd to Long Pond Stream
1996   14.4 miles   Maine - Long Pond Stream to Rt 15
1996     7.0 miles   Maine - Rt 201 to Pleasnat Pond Mtn
1997   15.2 miles   New Hampshire - Rt 2 to Carter Notch
1997     5.9 miles   New Hampshire - Carter Notch to Pinkham Notch
1997   26.0 miles   New Hampshire - Pinkham Notch to Crawford Notch
1997   79.3 miles   New Hampshire - Dartmouth Skiway to Crawford Notch
1998   11.4 miles   New Hampshire - Dartmouth Skiway to Etna Rd
1998   22.2 miles   NH->VT - Hanover NH to Rt 12 VT
1999   128.4 milse   VT->MA - Rt 12 VT to N Adams MA
2000   14.0 miles   Massachusetts - N Adams to Cheshire
2000   194.6 miles   MA/CT/NY - Cheshire MA to Arden NY
2001   266.1 miles   NY/NJ/PA - Arden NY to Boiling Springs PA
2002   147.4 miles   VA/WV - Waynesboro VA to Harpers Ferry WV
2003   98.7 miles   WV->PA - Harpers Ferry WV to Boiling Springs PA
2003     6.0 miles   New Hampshire - Hanover to Etna Rd
2003     4.9 miles   Moxie Pond to Pleasant Pond Mtn!

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