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Onestep's Ultralight Backpacking

Onestep Ultralight Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail with a "10 pound pack".Welcome to Onestep's Ultralight Backpacking and Hiking!
My name is Kurt "Onestep" Cedergren and I enjoy Ultralight Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail with a "10 pound pack".

Check out my Gear Page to see what items make up my 8.8 lb, 3 season ultralight pack! Or follow the White Blaze of my section hiking adventures as I worked towards completing the Appalachian Trail. You can also find out what I did to get into hiking shape and what I do to maintain that Fitness. In addition, I've included a Forum where you can ask questions and get answers about Ultralight Backpacking. Check out my Links page. It's sort of a Blue Blaze trail that leads you to some of my favorite Ultralight Backpacking and Hiking sites. And finally, don't forget to see the latest Outdoor Gear & Books at the Store or spend some time on my Blog!!

Is Ultralight Backpacking or hiking for you?... "maybe". Only you can make that decision.

Each one of us should HIKE OUR OWN HIKE... here's mine!!

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